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The Priority of Choosing Heavy Industries is the Four Advantages of Successful Guarantee Products

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It has perfect manufacturing and R&D equipment, advanced manufacturing process design and R&D products, and excellent manufacturing and refitting development environment.


1. High cost performance ratio


Zhongshitou Heavy Industry strives for survival by quality and development by reputation. It has 15 years experience in loading machinery production, perfect manufacturing and R&D equipment, guaranteed product quality and moderate price.


2. Rapid Response Mechanism


Zhongshitou Heavy Industries can design the project according to the needs of customers, so that the construction can be more labor-saving, labor-saving, time-saving, more convenient for customers to use, and obtain greater economic benefits.


3. Strong technical strength


Zhongshitou Heavy Industries has its own technology R&D machinery refitting team. It has been engaged in the loading machinery industry for 15 years, drawing on the advanced production experience of its counterparts at home and abroad.


4. After-sales service


Zhongshitou Heavy Industries has set up a 36-person after-sales service team to provide 24-hour technical guidance, professional help and 1-to-1 service.